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About Us

  • Your Premium aluminum window Supplier

    Beijing North Tech Group Ltd, located at capital city Beijing, is glass and aluminum windows & doors manufacturer with a reputation for product innovation, technical competence and quality. Due to continued strong growth, we have increased stock levels, expanded its factories and production lines to ...

  • Why Us ?

    One-stop solution for all aluminium doors windows systems requirements.
    24/7 professional communicate.
    As an ISO 9001 certified company, strict quality control system, quality is life.
    With exported experience for 20+ years.
    Free design label and accept customized packaging.
    Fast delivery, Stable delivery time.
    Weekly status report for everything under your control.
    Support the latest market trend and news.

  • Product Includes

    Thermal Broken Aluminum Windows and Doors ,Aluminum Clad Wood Windows and Doors, Aluminium vinyl Hybrid windows and doors, Curtain Walls, Skylights, Railing Systems, Passive House and so on, BNG is supplying products to projects in United States, Canada, Europe for both residential homes and commercial ...

  • 24/7 professional communicate.24/7 professional communicate.

    24/7 professional communicate.

  • One-stop solution for all aluminium windows windows systems requirements.One-stop solution for all aluminium windows windows systems requirements.

    One-stop solution for all aluminium windows windows systems requirements.

  •  Fast delivery, Stable delivery time. Fast delivery, Stable delivery time.

    Fast delivery, Stable delivery time.



  • who is the best aluminum clad wood windows factory company from China?

    North tech is a professional manufacturer of aluminum clad wood windows. The advantages of North tech aluminum clad wood windows Beijing North tech windows and doors Co., Ltd. is a profe...

  • NorthTech Attended The Buildings Show 2022 in Toronto

    Beijing North Tech Co., Ltd. achieved a major success at The Buildings Show 2022 exhibition (30 November to 2 December, booth #536), the company is a comprehensive reputable supplier in the windows & doors and building glass industry. Beijing North Tech Group Ltd, is a comprehensive reputabl...

  • Northtech Energy Effective Aluminum Double sliding windows

    Feature of double sliding windows Sliding panels (also known as sashes) that may freely move in either direction make up each opening (or up and down). The panels may be completely taken off the frame for maintenance and are set atop tough rollers, which are frequently m...

  • How long do aluminum clad wood windows last?

    So how long does it take for aluminum-clad wood windows to be out of service and need to be replaced? Aluminum-clad wood windows generally do not need to be replaced within the normal twenty-five years, and good quality can reach more than thirty years or more. This depends on the maintenance an...

  • What is Northtech casement windows?

    A Northtech casement windows is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside. Northtech casement windows are often held open using a casement stay. Windows hinged at t...


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